Molecular / DNA Testing

Molecular or DNA testing is a technique we use to analyze biological markers in a person’s genetic code. It is used to diagnose and monitor diseases, detect risk, and to determine what might be the best treatment for you. A major advantage of getting molecular testing done is to catch a genetic disease or issue before it develops so that you can start treatment before anything develops too far. At Haymount Urgent Care we can run a number of molecular / DNA tests including those listed below and more.

Molecular / DNA Testing Available:

Neurodegenerative Disease Testing:

This test is able to analyze your risk of developing Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Parkinson’s Disease. We will take a Buccal swab and send it to our molecular testing lab. You will receive results in 2-3 weeks. When results come in we will be able to determine the best course of action for you, whether it is a treatment with medication, or suggesting at-home medication-free treatments such as cognitive training.

Diabetes and Obesity Genetic Testing:

This test allows us to better predict the risk factors for developing obesity or diabetes. Knowing these risk factors helps us to guide patients towards preventative measures to avoid diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome. This test just requires a Buccal swab that we then send out to our lab. It tests many genes in order for us to best determine your treatment options. Through the analysis of specific genes, we are able to predict risk factors and guide patients towards preventative measures to avoid diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome.

Are You At Risk? Our Molecular / DNA Testing in Fayetteville, NC Can Let you Know

Contact our professionals today to book a molecular test in order to determine if you are at risk for disease. We will help you take preventative measures against the disease before your condition worsens.


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