Urgent Care

At Haymount UC, we are prepared to handle a number of urgent care conditions. This consists of the treatment for anything not requiring invasive procedures, but that occurs without notice. An example would be treating cold or flu symptoms, or patching up simple cuts and scrapes. Unlike some clinics, at Haymount UC you will be seen by a doctor every time. Dr. Clinton likes to deal with each of his patients himself so that he knows they are receiving the best care possible. This is because at Haymount UC our patients’ well being is our number one priority.

Conditions Treated by Dr. Clinton:

  • Acute injuries
  • Laceration repair
  • Trauma
  • Joint injuries
  • Colds, coughs, flu, etc..
  • Acute pain

We can also provide x-rays in house to better diagnose and treat your condition. If it is found that your condition is beyond our expertise we will help to refer you to a specialist.

VA Approved Clinic

Haymount UC is also a Veterans’ Affairs approved clinic. Being approved means that we can provide consults as well as treat our Veterans and we do so with all of the respect they deserve. We provide VA disability consults to help you navigate your claim because VA disability claims can be hard to navigate and are definitely not an added stress that you need. To learn more about our consults visit our VA Disability Consults page.

Experience Exceptional Client Urgent Care

We make patient care our number one priority. Visit us and meet with our dedicated doctor who will help you navigate your condition.


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