Weight Loss

As obesity rates go up, it is becoming a major health problem. While the health risks directly associated with obesity are well-known, the indirect health effects are gradually becoming apparent. It is important, therefore, to ensure you maintain your health through your daily lifestyle. Many of us choose fast and unhealthy food options and don’t have the time to exercise. This type of lifestyle can lead to fast signs of aging and can affect body weight. However, you can make the choice to start on a healthier path to weight loss.

At Haymount Urgent Care, we’re helping our patients get back on track. With the proper weight loss techniques, you can restore your health and your optimal body weight. With our comprehensive Weight Loss Treatment Program, you can return to a healthier lifestyle today.

The Haymount Weight Loss Program

Our program isn’t just about exercise and healthy food choices, although those are important factors. However, most patients find their excessive weight gain is due to an underlying medical condition. Therefore, the program at Haymount Urgent Care is pharmacologically assisted.

The medication you will receive will be determined on your first appointment. Medication is prescribed after Dr. Clinton has given you a full examination, including some diagnostic testing and a review of your medical history. After the exam, he will prescribe the best medication for you. If you are suffering from a hormone imbalance that is causing your weight gain, he may suggest adding Hormone Replacement Therapy to your weight loss program.

We Tailor Our Programs To You

At Haymount Dr. Clinton uses a hands-on approach, which means that he monitors your progress every step of the way, This ensures that you meet your goals and become the healthiest you can be. Book your appointment today to get the best program for you.


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