VA Disability Consults

At Haymount Urgent Care, we provide VA disability consults to help you navigate your claim. The VA disability compensation refers to a tax-free monthly payment to Veterans who have gotten sick or injured during military service. Additionally, this is offered to Veterans whose service has made an existing condition worsen.

VA disability claims can be hard to navigate and are definitely not an added stress that you need. At Haymount Urgent Care, we help guide you through the evaluation process of your disability claim, and we will even assist with the documentation. Our professionals are certified to help guide you through this process and can ensure your evaluation runs smoothly.

Conditions Included in a Claim

Types of conditions that a VA disability claim looks for include chronic illnesses or injuries, as well as mental health conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. These conditions could have manifested before, during, or after military service.

We Can Help You Claim a VA Disability in Fayetteville, NC

Our experts are uniquely qualified to help guide you through the examination process. One of those unique qualifications is that Dr. Clinton himself is a veteran. It is because of this that Dr. Clinton understands what you are going through and so will help any way he can. With consults at only $300, we can help you navigate through this process. Veterans are very important to us at Haymount Urgent Care. That is why we will do whatever it takes to help you. Contact us today in Fayetteville, NC to set up an appointment.


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